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Hey guys I will trow all the food in to the bin 'cause is very very cold, delivery after 50min... I paid 14£ for a shit thank you I never order again

Nagy Daniel, 02 Dec 2020

The delivery was late (50min) I throw all the food out into the bin (14£) because it’s cold, I never order again thank you very much for upsetting me

Nagy Daniel, 02 Dec 2020

good food .

Adam, 30 Nov 2020

Been hear a lot good food

Aidan, 28 Nov 2020

Delicious and hot.

Emma, 23 Nov 2020

Good quick delivery

Mikey, 22 Nov 2020

Always quick delivery.

Alan, 21 Nov 2020

Ok, where to start? My order was confirmed at 18:05. I understand it’s a Friday night but if someone ordered that early then surely it is possible to deliver the order with in 45 minutes. Especially when the takeaway is only 5 - 10 minutes drive away from me. The kabab was ok , although it was a bit tasteless but the potato wedges were very burnt and the packaging for them was docked and practically broke when I opened it. Word of advice if your going to put any melted items in packaging put it in the same packaging used for the kabab and not in cardboard packaging. All in all even though it’s the cheapest takeaway by far if part of the takeaway is inedible then it’s not worth the money.

Sophie, 20 Nov 2020

Great food and staff

Ry, 20 Nov 2020

Do not use !

Ricky, 17 Nov 2020

Really enjoyed my meal , excellent value

Clive, 14 Nov 2020

Best burger, and chicken kebab take away in Bath, tried a few. keep up the good work

Paul, 14 Nov 2020

Sorry to say that after having fantastic piping hot food delivered on time, tonight the food arrived over 30 minutes late, & required microwaving as was barely warm.. so disappointing after such great service and food in recent weeks

Steve, 13 Nov 2020

Pizza was cold, obviously sat under a heat lamp for a while as also burnt

Lilly, 12 Nov 2020

I sent a request message to ask for the chilli sauce and salad to be served separately but instead everything was piled together and was just a big pile of mush....not happy at all and could not eat it ....very disappointed

Christine, 09 Nov 2020

I’m not sure if you’re reading this before or after you deliver. But this is my last kebab for a month. It better be a good one guys. I have faith in you, you’ve only let me down once on some soggy garlic bread. My fingers are crossed

Lloyd, 09 Nov 2020

nice options

Darren, 06 Nov 2020

Thank You Guys.

Tomasz, 05 Nov 2020

I have enjoyed all selected foods , and will continue in the future

Mandy, 03 Nov 2020

Always the best!!!

Julija, 02 Nov 2020

Good food 5/5

Emrullah Tolga, 02 Nov 2020

I regularly use mega bite the food is good and always hot never any problems

Aiden, 31 Oct 2020

fairly good

Alex, 31 Oct 2020

Be quick

Jasmine, 29 Oct 2020

Great food

Jasmine, 29 Oct 2020

Polite and friendly

Mandy, 28 Oct 2020