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Food was nice as all ways but thing was the chips was cold bugger was loop warm could do with one of those bags that keep heat in

James Chiddy, 25Jul18

Been eating from megabite for years never had any problems love the food

Matt, 15Jul18

My chicken was tuff like it was cooked and reheated I asked for onion and lettuce and got everything in my salad which I didn’t like and left a message on comments to order so couldn’t eat it so not really happy with waste of money for food I didn’t eat thanks mega let down

America Is Fucked, 14Jul18

scratch that last comment

Will , 05Jul2018

scratch my last comment

Will, 05Jul2018

got wrong order!!! ordered mozzarella sticks what the hell!?!?!?

Will , 05Jul2018

really good customer service love to order it as it always come on time Ta -

Jaris, 30Jun18

very nice with in the 45 minutes really nice pizza and taste lovely thank you Mega Bite 4 star

Jaris, 24Jun18

1. Allow option for paypal. 2. Have somebody else build your website to make frontend more user friendly and the payment system more "reassuring". 3. Reinstate the guest checkout... In this day and age, people hate their privacy being violated and quite frankly... I am ordering a greasy burger and chips. I don't need my facebook info being shared just to order some hangover food...

James, 22Jun18

Need to be more qwcker

Miranda, 19Jun18

yes chefs

Marcin, 30May18

yes chefs

Marcin, 30May18

Always friendly delivery drivers, thank you Mega bite

Kieron, 25May18


Gabor, 23May18

Lovely food great that they can deliver late

J, 19May18


Gabor, 15May18

Delicious food, a more accurate delivery tracker would be nice.

Hugo, 12May18


Amy, 06May18

Lush food

Amy, 06May18


Guto, 05May18

Delivery was early which was great. Food was delicious as always. Would definitely order from them agai

Anna, 2018-05-01 08:25:45

chicken shish was a bit burnt

Jad, 01May18

Great food and great value! Just a pity the doner came with a pita and not fries, there came no yogurt sauce and a pepsy instead of a coke.

Xaman, 27Apr18

Excellent bit pricey but food is delicious

Len, 26Apr18

Was over an hour so slightly cold and some of the order wrong. Food was tasty so very happy.

Alex, 09Apr18

Amazing food

Glory, 08Apr18